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California State University, Northridge


Department of Physical Therapy
California State University, Northridge
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA  91330-8411


PTCAS application deadline10/1/2013
Deadline typeFirm
Program has rolling admissions process? No
Important dates
  • October 1, 2013 - Deadline for PTCAS Application and ALL application information.

The department does not conduct personal applicant interviews.

To receive a campus tour, please attend one of our scheduled Group Advisements (schedule on our website).



Program participates in PTCAS Early Decision?No


If supplemental materials are required, send directly to the PT program.

Supplemental FEE required?Yes - for selected applicants only
Supplemental fee amount$55.00
Supplemental APPLICATION required?Yes - for selected applicants only
Supplemental MATERIALS required?Yes - for selected applicants only
Description of supplemental requirementsDo NOT apply to CSUMentor. The CSUMentor CSUN Graduate School application is for selected applicants only. Applicants must be accepted to the department or be on our alternate list before applying to CSUN's Graduate School. Status notifications will be sent via email.
Deadline for supplemental materials 


Custom (program-specific) questions on the PTCAS application
1.   Have you previously applied to our DPT program?
2.   If you are reapplying to our program, how have you strengthened your application?


General informationFALL 2014 PREREQUISITE SHEET:

Prerequisite Guidelines:

- Only 2 courses can be outstanding by the October 1st deadline (Lecture and Lab counts as one course).

- A minimum 3.0 prerequisite GPA is required.

- Transcripts should be sent to PTCAS, do not send any transcripts directly to the department.
*Submit your transcripts early--it takes PTCAS 4-5 weeks to process your documents. Incomplete applications after October 1st will not be considered.

- Courses can be taken at any accredited College or University (Community, 4 year or Extended Learning). Online courses are also accepted.

- Applicants can retake up to 15 units of courses, PTCAS averages the grades for repeated courses.

- There is no time limit on these courses i.e. courses may have been taken years ago.

- Do not try to use to find classes for our requirements. These courses are not “transferring” to CSUN as part of your degree.Simply follow our Program Prerequisite sheet to determine what courses are acceptable for each subject area.
Bachelor's degree required prior to matriculation into PT program?Yes
Anatomy and/or Physiology (A&P) course prerequisites MUST be completed in biology, neuroscience, anatomy, or integrated physiology departmentYes
Link to program's prerequisite instructions
Course subjectCourse level4-YearLab HoursAcceptable coursesCourse description
AnatomyIntroNoReq.SH: 3
QH: 4
A&P: Animal
A&P: COMBINED Course (eg, A&P)
A&P: Human
A&P: Mammalian
A&P: SEPARATE courses
Any Human Anatomy with a lab is acceptable. A cadaver lab is recommended.
If Anatomy and Physiology are combined, the course must be 2 semesters (8 semester units or 10 quarter units). If only one semester of a combined course is taken (i.e. Anatomy & Physiology I) then it will count as only Physiology.  
Biology / Biological ScienceGeneral or CollegeNoReq.SH: 4
QH: 5
Biology: Any
Any Biology course with a lab is acceptable  
ChemistryGeneral or CollegeNoReq.SH: 4
QH: 5
Chemistry: Biochemistry
Chemistry: Inorganic
Chemistry: Organic
Chemistry I
General Chemistry
Any Chemistry with a lab.

NOT Introductory; intro to Chemistry courses not accepted.  
ChemistryGeneral or CollegeNoReq.SH: 4
QH: 5
Chemistry: Biochemistry
Chemistry: Inorganic
Chemistry: Organic
General Chemistry II
Any 2nd Chemistry with a lab.

NOT Introductory; intro to Chemistry courses not accepted.  
PhysicsGeneral or CollegeNoReq.SH: 4
QH: 5
Physics I
Physics: General
Any Physics with a lab. Can be either calculus or trig based.

NOT Introductory; Intro to Physics courses not accepted.  
PhysicsGeneral or CollegeNoReq.SH: 4
QH: 5
Physics II
Physics: General
Any second Physics with a lab. Can be either calculus or trig based.

NOT Introductory; intro to Physics courses not accepted.  
PhysiologyGeneral or CollegeNoReq.SH: 4
QH: 5
A&P: Animal
A&P: COMBINED Course (eg, A&P)
A&P: Human
A&P: Mammalian
A&P: Physiology
A&P: SEPARATE courses
Any Human Physiology with a lab.

Exercise Physiology is NOT accepted as a substitute. Animal and or Mammalian physiology is acceptable ONLY if a Human Physiology text was used. If Anatomy and Physiology are combined, the course must be two semesters (8 units) or three quarters.  
PsychologyIntroNoNot Req.SH: 3
QH: 4
Psychology: Any
Any introductory, upper division or developmental course is acceptable.  
PsychologyUpper DivisionNoNot Req.SH: 3
QH: 4
Psychology: Abnormal
Psychology: Adolescent
Psychology: Advanced
Psychology: Child
Psychology: Developmental
Psychology: General
Psychology: General I
Psychology: General II
Psychology: Growth & Development
Psychology: Human Behavior
Psychology: Life Span Development
Psychology: Psychopathology
Psychology: Rehabilitation
Psychology: Social
Psychology: Sports
Any upper division, developmental or specialized Psychology course. Abnormal Psychology or an emphasis on psychopathology is highly recommended. NOT Introductory.  
StatisticsGeneral or CollegeNoNot Req.SH: 3
QH: 4
Biology: Biostatistics
Business: Statistics
Mathematics: Statistics
Psychology: Statistics
Any statistics course. Course must include hypothesis testing, parametric and non-parametric analyses.  


Is GRE required?Yes
Program's PTCAS GRE code7794
Last acceptable GRE test date for this cycle9/13/2013
Oldest GRE test date considered for this cycle12/31/2009
GRE ScoresMINIMUM GRE score consideredAVERAGE GRE score for accepted students
Verbal reasoning scaled score  158  
Verbal reasoning % score  57%  
Quantitative reasoning scaled score  160  
Quantitative reasoning % score  58%  
Analytical writing scaled score3.0  4.0  
Analytical writing % score  50%  
Additional information about program's GRE requirements- Submit your official GRE scores to code #7794 for the “California St U Northridge Phys Therapy”.
- Do NOT mail your GRE scores to our department directly.
- Your scores must be received before the October 1st, 2013 deadline. Allow enough time (between your test date and our deadline) for your scores to be processed and mailed.

GRE Requirements:
- A minimum 3.0 on Analytic writing portion of the GRE is required. If your cumulative undergraduate GPA is under a 3.0, you must score above the 50th percentile on either the Verbal or Quantitative portion in-order to be eligible.
- GRE must be taken within 5 years (scores before 2009 will not be accepted).
Department of Physical Therapy


Number of references required by program3
Evaluator typeApplicant must send one reference from this SPECIFIC type of evaluatorApplicant must send reference from ONE OR MORE evaluators in category to fulfill program's requirementsEvaluator type ACCEPTEDEvaluator type NOT accepted
Physical Therapist-1X   
Physical Therapist-2   X 
Professor in Major   X 
Professor   X 
Academic   X 
Supervisor/Employer   X 
Teaching Assistant   X
Pre-PT Advisor   X
Politician   X
Health Care Professional   X 
Friend   X
Family Member   X
Co-worker   X
Clergy   X
Other   X
Additional information about program's reference requirementsAll PT references must include the license number and state in which the person is licensed


Program's PT hours requirementPT hours are required - a licensed physical therapist must verify hours with signed form
Total number of PT hours REQUIRED200
DEADLINE for completion of all PT hours10/1/2013
PAID experienceAccepted/Considered
VOLUNTEER experienceAccepted/Considered
INPATIENT experienceAccepted/Considered
OUTPATIENT experienceAccepted/Considered
Additional information about program's PT hours requirementA minimum of 200 hours under a licensed Physical Therapy is required. All 200 hours must be "COMPLETED" and verified on or before the application deadline. "PLANNED" hours will not be counted.

A licensed PT must verify your hours, this can be done with the electronic form on PTCAS. A valid PT license number must be provided.


GPAMinimum GPAAverage GPA for accepted students
Overall Undergraduate Cumulative 3.00 3.65 
Program-specific Prerequisite 3.00 3.63 
Additional information about program's GPA requirementsIf the Undergraduate Cumulative GPA is less than 3.0, then the student must score above the 50th percentile on at least one section of the GRE (University Graduate School Requirement).


Citizenship types eligible for admissionU.S. citizens
U.S. permanent residents
Foreign (non-U.S.) citizens with a visa
Non-native speakers must submit official TOEFL scores?No
Program policy for non-U.S. (foreign/international) courseworkSend foreign transcript evaluation to PTCAS
Program policy for CANADIAN courseworkSend original Canadian transcript to PTCAS
Send foreign evaluation for Canadian courses to PTCAS
Additional information about program's policy on foreign coursework


Is a Deposit Required for Accepted Applicants?No
Program conducts interviews as part of the admissions process?No
PT program start date for entering class8/25/2014
Size of most recent entering class32
Anticipated size of next entering class32
Additional information about the class profileProgram DOES NOT give any preference to IN-STATE or OUT-OF-STATE applicants or applicants who are currently enrolled within the university.
Social networking
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Welcome to the Department of Physical Therapy at California State University, Northridge offering an entry level Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Degree. CSUN's Physical Therapy program is proud of its forty year history of graduating outstanding Physical Therapists who serve the public in the State of California and throughout the United States. CSUN's PT program has maintained accreditation throughout its history. The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education recently awarded CSUN's PT program full accreditation through 2013. Our MPT Graduation Rate is 97% and an average of 95% pass rate on the Board Exam taken the first time. 1OO % of our students are employed within 6 months. Our first DPT will graduate in 2015.

Physical therapists are licensed medical professionals who provide services aimed at preventing the onset and/or slowing the progression of conditions resulting from injury, disease, and other causes. There are more than 120,000 licensed physical therapists in the US practicing in a variety of settings.

Our full time, 3 year program begins in the Fall (late August) of each year; we only accept students in the Fall. Acceptance into the DPT program requires a Bachelor's Degree prior to beginning the first semester of courses. The Bachelor's Degree may be in any field (except Physical Therapy) and from any accredited college or university, as long as the other CSUN admissions requirements are fulfilled. Students should select and complete a major in which they have an interest and in which they can also make progress in completing the prerequisite courses for Physical Therapy. A Master’s degree is not required to apply.

Please explore our website at for detailed information about our program, including the list of our DPT curriculum on our PT Department Brochure. You should plan to attend one of the regularly scheduled Group Advisement Sessions(Please see Group Advisement Schedule on our webpage.)

Thank you for your interest in the Program. We look forward to hearing from you!
Last Updated: 10/28/2013