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University of Colorado


Dr. Nancey Johnson Bookstein
Director of Admissions
Physical Therapy Program
University of Colorado
Mail Stop C244
13121 E. 17th Ave
Room 3115
Aurora, CO  80045


PTCAS application deadline10/01/2014
Deadline typeFirm
Program has rolling admissions process? No
Important dates

On campus interviews are by invitation only and are scheduled for January 23 and 24, 2015. Only applicants invited for interview will be offered admission to the Program.

PT Preview Day occurs in the fall and offers an introduction to the Program, curriculum, admissions process, and financial aid. It is appropriate for those applying during the present cycle and those planning to apply in the near future.

Informational Sessions are held monthly and are for those people still researching the profession of physical therapy as a career.The dates for the sessions are or will be posted on our website.



Program participates in PTCAS Early Decision?Yes
Special eligibility requirements for Early Decision candidatesPrerequisite requirements for Early decision candidates include meeting the following minimum criteria:

* Undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.6

* Cumulative GPA of 3.5 in all upper level science courses

* Minimum GRE scores of 154 verbal, 153 quantitative, 4.5 written.

* English as a Foreign Language Applicants must have a minimum score of 80 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Internet-Based test

Early decision candidates must also:

1. Complete a bachelor’s degree and all other admission requirements prior to the August 8th deadline

2. Complete the PTCAS application by the August 15 deadline, including required references and observation hours

3. Commit to attending the University of Colorado Physical Therapy Program if admitted as an early decision applicant with deposit and letter of commitment

Applicants who meet all of the Early Decision application criteria will be invited for an interview in the fall of 2014. Applicants with an incomplete application packet, or those who do not meet the criteria outlined above, will not be considered for Early Decision but will remain active in the application process and be rolled into the standard application pool with a deadline of October 1, 2014.


If supplemental materials are required, send directly to the PT program.

Supplemental FEE required?Yes
Supplemental fee amount$100.00
Supplemental APPLICATION required?No
Supplemental MATERIALS required?No
Description of supplemental requirementsThe supplemental fee is a one-time fee payable to the University of Colorado. Please use the electronic address below to make the one-time payment of $100.

Supplemental requirement 1Supplemental Fee
Deadline for supplemental materials10/1/2014
Link to supplemental forms or instructions


Custom (program-specific) questions on the PTCAS application
1.   Have you ever taken any courses at any of the four University of Colorado campuses (Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, or Anschutz Medical Campus)?
2.   If you answered Yes to the previous question, please enter your University of Colorado Student Identification Number (SID) below. Enter 9 digits with no spaces or dashes.
3.   Do you consider yourself a Colorado resident (will you have CO residency for at least one year as of June 1, 2014)?
4.   Did you grow up, or do you currently live, in a rural or underserved community? If so, what city/town/\village and state?
5.   Are you the first person in your immediate family to obtain a Bachelor's degree?
6.   Have you taken at least one physiology course (upper division preferred, 300 or 3000+) that is; 1) separate from anatomy, or 2) is part of a one year course sequence of upper division anatomy and physiology combined (2 semesters or 3 quarters)?
7.   Please answer the following questions in essay format (essays are read for content as well as writing ability and should be limited to approximately one page single-spaced, or 4500 characters): What is your understanding of tolerance and diversity and what impact has this had on your development?
8.   Why have you chosen to apply to the Physical Therapy Program at the University of Colorado?
9.   How did you hear about the University of Colorado School of Medicine Physical Therapy Program?


General informationUpper division anatomy and physiology courses taken separately are preferred. All upper division science courses must carry a course number of 300 or higher.
Bachelor's degree required prior to matriculation into PT program?Yes
Anatomy and/or Physiology (A&P) course prerequisites MUST be completed in biology, neuroscience, anatomy, or integrated physiology departmentYes
Link to program's prerequisite instructions
Course subjectCourse level4-YearLab HoursAcceptable coursesCourse description
AnatomyUpper DivisionYesReq.SH: 4
QH: 6
A&P: Advanced*
A&P: Human
A&P: Mammalian
A&P: SEPARATE courses
A&P: Vertebrate
Upper Division Preferred.

Coursework older than 5 years not accepted.
Biology/Chemistry/PhysicsUpper DivisionYesNot Req.SH: 3-4
QH: 5-6
Biology: Cell
Biology: Embryology
Biology: Genetics
Biology: Histology
Biology: Immunology
Biology: Microbiology
Biology: Molecular
Chemistry: Biochemistry
Chemistry: Organic
Exercise Physiology
Upper Division Physics
Courses at the 300 level or higher (100 level for California schools) is required to meet this prerequisite.
Cell Biology and Biochemistry are strongly recommended if they meet the upper division definition.

Coursework older than 5 years not accepted.
Chemistry IGeneral or CollegeNoReq.SH: 4-5
QH: 6-7
Chemistry I
Chemistry: Inorganic
Chemistry: Organic
The first semester of a year-long sequence

Coursework older than 5 years not accepted.
Chemistry IIGeneral or CollegeNoReq.SH: 4-5
QH: 6-7
Chemistry II
Chemistry: Inorganic
Chemistry: Organic
The second half of a year-long sequence.

Coursework older than 5 years not accepted.
English Composition / WritingGeneral or CollegeNoN/ASH: 3
QH: 5
English Composition
English Composition I
English Composition II
Technical Writing
Upper division writing courses within the sciences or psychology are acceptable  
MathGeneral or CollegeNoN/ASH: 3
QH: 5
Mathematics: Algebra
Mathematics: Calculus
Mathematics: Trigonometry
The more competitive applicants will take Calculus or Trigonometry.

Coursework older than 5 years not accepted.
Physics IGeneral or CollegeNoReq.SH: 4
QH: 6
Physics I
Physics: General
The first semester of a year-long sequence

Coursework older than 5 years not accepted.
Physics IIGeneral or CollegeNoReq.SH: 4
QH: 6
Physics II
The second semester of a year-long sequence

Coursework older than 5 years not accepted.
PhysiologyUpper DivisionYesReq.SH: 4
QH: 6
A&P: Advanced*
A&P: Human
A&P: Mammalian
A&P: Physiology
A&P: SEPARATE courses
A&P: Vertebrate
Upper Division Preferred.

Coursework older than 5 years not accepted.
PsychologyGeneral or CollegeNoN/ASH: 3
QH: 5
Psychology: Abnormal
Psychology: Child
Psychology: Developmental
Psychology: Growth & Development
Psychology: Human Behavior
Psychology: Life Span Development
Psychology: Psychopathology
Psychology courses must be taken from a Psychology department.
A total of 2 psychology courses are required.
The more competitive applicants will take courses in Abnormal and Developmental Psychology

1 of 2 psychology courses required  
PsychologyGeneral or CollegeNoN/ASH: 3Psychology: Abnormal
Psychology: Child
Psychology: Developmental
Psychology: Human Behavior
Psychology: Life Span Development
Psychology: Psychopathology
2 of 2 psychology courses required  
StatisticsGeneral or CollegeNoN/ASH: 3
QH: 5
Biology: Biostatistics
Mathematics: Statistics
Psychology: Statistics
Courses from Psychology, Biology, Math, and Exercise Science/Kinesiology departments are acceptable.

Coursework older than 5 years not accepted.


Is GRE required?Yes
Program's PTCAS GRE code7619
Last acceptable GRE test date for this cycle10/15/2014
Oldest GRE test date considered for this cycle10/1/2009
GRE ScoresMINIMUM GRE score consideredAVERAGE GRE score for accepted students
Verbal reasoning scaled score  154  
Verbal reasoning % score  69%  
Quantitative reasoning scaled score  156  
Quantitative reasoning % score  61%  
Analytical writing scaled score  4.5  


Number of references required by program3
Evaluator typeApplicant must send one reference from this SPECIFIC type of evaluatorApplicant must send reference from ONE OR MORE evaluators in category to fulfill program's requirementsEvaluator type ACCEPTEDEvaluator type NOT accepted
Physical Therapist-1X   
Physical Therapist-2   X 
Professor in Major   X 
Academic   X 
Supervisor/Employer   X 
Teaching Assistant   X
Pre-PT Advisor   X
Politician   X
Health Care Professional   X 
Friend   X
Family Member   X
Co-worker   X
Clergy   X
Other   X
Additional information about program's reference requirementsHealth care Professional must be licensed as: MD, DO, RN (APN, MSN, BSN, DNP), PA-C, DPT (PT), or OTR
Science professor preferred. We do not accept references from TAs, GAs, PTAs, or advisors


Program's PT hours requirementPT hours are required - a licensed physical therapist must verify hours with signed form
Total number of PT hours REQUIRED45
DEADLINE for completion of all PT hours1/15/2015
PAID experienceAccepted/Considered
VOLUNTEER experienceAccepted/Considered
INPATIENT experienceRequired
OUTPATIENT experienceRequired
Additional information about program's PT hours requirementMinimum of 15 hrs in 3 different settings (i.e. inpatient acute care, outpatient, inpatient rehab, skilled nursing facility, nursing home, school district, home health). Each setting must be different in terms of types of patients seen (i.e. 3 different outpatient clinics is only considered one type of setting)


GPAMinimum GPAAverage GPA for accepted students
Overall Undergraduate Cumulative 3.00  
Program-specific Prerequisite 3.00 3.57 
Science/Math 3.00 3.52 
Post baccalaureate 3.25 3.67 
Total Overall 3.00 3.66 
Additional information about program's GPA requirementsRepeated courses are averaged


Citizenship types eligible for admissionU.S. citizens
U.S. permanent residents
Canadian citizens
Foreign (non-U.S.) citizens with a visa
Other non-citizens (e.g., refugees)
Non-native speakers must submit official TOEFL scores?Yes
Program policy for non-U.S. (foreign/international) courseworkSend foreign transcript evalutions to the PT program; send original and translated foreign transcripts to the PT program
Program policy for CANADIAN courseworkSend original Canadian transcript to PTCAS
Send original Canadian transcript to institution
Send foreign evaluation for Canadian courses to PTCAS
Send foreign evaluation for Canadian courses to institution
Additional information about program's policy on foreign courseworkEnglish translation and WES evaluations required for all original foreign transcripts


Deposit Amount Required for Accepted Applicants$ 1000.00
Program conducts interviews as part of the admissions process?Yes
PT program start date for entering class5/27/2015
Dual-degree programs offered in conjunction with PT degreeDPT/PhD
Size of most recent entering class65
Anticipated size of next entering class68
Percent of IN-STATE applicants accepted58%
Percent of WICHE applicants accepted0%
Percent of OUT-OF-STATE (non-resident) applicants accepted42%
Percent of CANADIAN applicants accepted0%
Percent of INTERNATIONAL (non-U.S./non-Canadian) applicants accepted0%
Social networking
Facebook Page for PT Program
Facebook Page for Parent University/College/School
Twitter Page for PT Program


The University of Colorado Physical Therapy Program begins with Orientation in late May, followed by Summer semester beginning the first Monday in June. The academic program continues for 8 consecutive semesters followed by the continuation of the year-long internship. Full-time and part-time clinical education experiences are interspersed throughout the first two years. During the Fall semester of the third year all students complete a final 16 week clinical internship and then, following graduation, continue the year-long paid internship at the same site for an additional 36 weeks. Upon completion of the Program, students are awarded the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree, and are eligible to take the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE). As part of the School of Medicine, the University of Colorado Physical Therapy Program is located on the Anschutz Medical Campus, the only academic health sciences campus in the Rocky Mountain Region. Our program provides students an interdisciplinary learning environment uniquely designed to prepare them for their roles as future health care professionals.
Last Updated: 03/31/2015