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Mount St. Joseph University


Physical Therapy Department
Mount St. Joseph University
5701 Delhi Road
Cincinnati, OH  45233


PTCAS application deadline11/03/2014
Deadline typeFirm
Program has rolling admissions process? No
Important dates

Expedited Interview Round- for those highly qualified applicants desiring a rapid admission decision

* All application materials submitted to PTCAS by Sept 1, 2014
* Criteria (for first round interview only)

---Overall and Science GPA 3.5 or above
---GRE 305 or above, analytical writing score greater than or equal to 4

* Early to Mid-October: DPT program contacts selected candidates for on-campus interview
* Early to Mid-November:  Candidate interviews to be held at the Mount
* Early to Mid- December: Notification of either:

--- acceptance  OR
--- decision to consider with the general application pool

General Admission

* All application materials submitted to PTCAS by NOV 3, 2014
* Criteria - General admission criteria
* Mid-December:  DPT program contacts selected candidates for on-campus interviews.
* Mid to late January:  Candidate interviews to be held at the Mount (phone or Skype interviews available for selected candidates).
* Mid-February:  Notification of acceptance to selected candidates.

Late May to Early-June:  DPT coursework begins



Program participates in PTCAS Early Decision?No


If supplemental materials are required, send directly to the PT program.

Supplemental FEE required?No
Supplemental fee amount$0.00
Supplemental APPLICATION required?No
Supplemental MATERIALS required?No
Deadline for supplemental materials 


Custom (program-specific) questions on the PTCAS application
1.   Have you previously applied to this PT education program?
2.   If you are reapplying to this program, how have you strengthened your application?
3.   Requirements which must be met by the November 3rd deadline in order to be considered for admission: 1. Overall GPA of 3.0; 2. PTCAS essay; 3. Transcripts sent to PTCAS from ALL colleges/universities attended; 4. GRE scores (if applicable) sent to PTCAS (we will NOT accept GRE scores sent to the college); 5. Completed and VERIFIED 80 hours of clinical observation in both inpatient AND outpatient physical therapy setting (minimum of 20 hours in each setting). Have you met all of these requirements?
4.   Will you earn your undergraduate degree from the College of Mount St. Joseph? If yes, what is/was your major and the year you earned/will earn your degree?
5.   Do you still have pre-requisite courses to complete? If YES, please list the course(s) you PLAN to take to fulfill the pre-requisite. Indicate the institution, course number and name, and when (semester or quarter) you will complete it.
6.   Please provide course information and course descriptions for only the following pre-requisite courses that you have COMPLETED or PLAN to take: Anatomy and Physiology with lab, Ethics, and Sociology. Include institution, course number and name, and course description. You may cut and paste the course descriptions from your institution's web catalog.
7.   Have you re-taken any courses that you would like us to use in a re-calculation of your GPA? For example, you earned a C in physics at ABC university and re-took the course at DEF university and earned an A. We will recalculate your GPA to reflect this new course IF we know about it. If yes, please list the original course name and number, institution and semester/quarter completed AND the new course name and number, institution and semester/quarter completed for ALL retakes.
8.   Are you applying to other physical therapy programs? If yes, please indicate the total number of programs you're applying to and their names.
9.   How did you learn about the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at the College of Mount St. Joseph?
10.   Have you visited the College of Mount St. Joseph? If yes, indicate approximate date of visit and if known, the specific individual(s) you met?
11.   Have you worked with an alumnus of the College of Mount St. Joseph Physical Therapy Program? If yes, please indicate the individual(s) name and in what capacity (e.g. observation hours, patient, volunteering, etc).
12.   I understand that it's my responsibility to follow all the instructions and to have all of my material in and verified by the November 1st deadline. I understand my application will be considered incomplete if I do not meet these requirements.


Bachelor's degree required prior to matriculation into PT program?Yes
Anatomy and/or Physiology (A&P) course prerequisites MUST be completed in biology, neuroscience, anatomy, or integrated physiology departmentYes
Link to program's prerequisite instructions
Course subjectCourse level4-YearLab HoursAcceptable coursesCourse description
Anatomy & Physiology IGeneral or CollegeNoReq.  A&P: COMBINED Course (eg, A&P)
A&P: Comparative
A&P: Human
A&P: Mammalian
A&P: SEPARATE courses
A&P: Vertebrate
We do not accept exercise physiology classes or laboratories for the A&P requirement. We do not require any other biology course or lab. If your A&P courses are separate, both the anatomy and physiolgy components must have their own labs. We prefer that applicants take 2 semesters or 3 quarters of A&P. However, some schools will fit a whole year of material in 2 quarters instead of 3. If this is the case, you must contact the DPT program prior to application to confirm that your 2 A&P courses are equivalent to a full year of content.

Coursework older than 10 years not accepted.
Anatomy & Physiology IIGeneral or CollegeNoReq.  A&P: COMBINED Course (eg, A&P)*
A&P: Comparative
A&P: Human
A&P: Mammalian
A&P: SEPARATE courses
A&P: Vertebrate
See A&P I

Coursework older than 10 years not accepted.
Chemistry IGeneral or CollegeNoReq.  Chemistry: Biochemistry
Chemistry: Inorganic
Chemistry: Organic
We prefer a 2 semester or 3 quarter SERIES of chemistry. However, we will accept 2 semesters or 3 quarters of individual chemistry courses and labs provided the content is different in each of the courses.

Coursework older than 10 years not accepted.
Chemistry IIGeneral or CollegeNoReq.  Chemistry: Biochemistry
Chemistry: Inorganic
Chemistry: Organic
See Chemistry I

Coursework older than 10 years not accepted.
EthicsIntroNoN/A  Ethics
Typically, ethics courses are found in the philosophy program/department. You may take any type of ethics course, for example, healthcare ethics, business ethics, bioethics. If the course has ethics in the title, it will most likely fulfill our requirement. Sometimes courses from theology/religion programs will also fulfill this requirement, as long as a significant part of the course is ethics. For example, a course in moral decision making may suffice. Please contact the DPT program if you are unsure before applying.
Physics IGeneral or CollegeNoReq.  Physics I
Algebra/trigonometry or calculus based physics courses and labs are acceptable.

Coursework older than 10 years not accepted.
Physics IIGeneral or CollegeNoReq.  Physics II
See Physics I

Coursework older than 10 years not accepted.
PsychologyIntroNoN/A  Psychology: Any
Psychology: Life Span Development
Any course listed in your institution’s psychology department/program will fulfill the psychology requirement. We suggest a lifespan or developmental psychology course but this is not required.
Social/Behavioral ScienceIntroNoN/A  Social/Behavioral Science: Anthropology
Social/Behavioral Science: Sociology
Any course listed in your institution’s sociology department/program will fulfill the sociology requirement. We suggest an introductory course. However, if your institution does not require you to take an introductory course first, then any sociology course will fulfill the requirement. Additionally, some anthropology courses will fulfill this requirement. We do accept passing CLEP exam scores for sociology in place of a traditional course.
StatisticsGeneral or CollegeNoN/A  Biology: Biostatistics
Business: Statistics
Mathematics: Statistics
Psychology: Statistics


Is GRE required?Yes
Program's PTCAS GRE code7749
GRE ScoresMINIMUM GRE score consideredAVERAGE GRE score for accepted students
Verbal reasoning scaled score  151  
Quantitative reasoning scaled score  151  
Analytical writing scaled score  4.0  
Additional information about program's GRE requirementsOfficial GRE scores MUST be received by the application deadline of November 3rd. If the GRE score is not received by PTCAS by November 3rd, the application will not be considered. GRE scores MUST be sent to the program's PTCAS GRE code 7749. GRE scores sent directly to the university will NOT be accepted.


Number of references required by program0


Program's PT hours requirementPT hours are required - a licensed physical therapist must verify hours with signed form
Total number of PT hours REQUIRED80
PAID experienceAccepted/Considered
VOLUNTEER experienceAccepted/Considered
INPATIENT experienceRequired
OUTPATIENT experienceRequired
Additional information about program's PT hours requirementCompletion and verification of at least 80 hours of clinical observation in both inpatient AND outpatient physical therapy setting (minimum of 20 hours in each setting) by the November 3rd application deadline.


GPAMinimum GPAAverage GPA for accepted students
Overall Undergraduate Cumulative 3.00 3.56 
Additional information about program's GPA requirementsProgram replaces grades and recalculates GPA if courses are repeated. Program determines overall GPA from ALL institutions of higher education student attended.


Citizenship types eligible for admissionU.S. citizens
U.S. permanent residents
Canadian citizens
Foreign (non-U.S.) citizens with a visa
Non-native speakers must submit official TOEFL scores?Yes
Program policy for non-U.S. (foreign/international) courseworkSend foreign transcript evaluation to PTCAS
Program policy for CANADIAN courseworkSend foreign evaluation for Canadian courses to PTCAS
Additional information about program's policy on foreign courseworkFor International Students:

* Undergraduate transcripts from countries outside the United States will need to be evaluated by World Education Service (

* TOEFL requirements: paper-based - 510 undergraduate, 560 graduate, computer-based - 220, i-TOEFL - 83. ( Requirements can be waived only if the graduate department requires another standardized test, e.g. GRE.

* Permanent residents must provide a copy of Alien Registration Card (green card) or a copy of visa documentation.

* Declaration of Finances (for F-1 Visa), either I-134 or certified bank statement on letterhead with dollar amount equal to one year’s tuition, housing, etc


Deposit Amount Required for Accepted Applicants$ 1000.00
Additional Information about DepositNon-refundable. Deposit is applied to first semester tuition.
Program conducts interviews as part of the admissions process?Yes
PT program start date for entering class6/1/2015
Institution's religious affiliationSisters of Charity - Catholic
Size of most recent entering class40
Anticipated size of next entering class38
Percent of IN-STATE applicants accepted75%
Percent of WICHE applicants accepted0%
Percent of OUT-OF-STATE (non-resident) applicants accepted25%
Percent of CANADIAN applicants accepted0%
Percent of INTERNATIONAL (non-U.S./non-Canadian) applicants accepted0%
Additional information about the class profileAs a benefit of choosing Mount St. Joseph University for their undergraduate education, graduates of the Mount enjoy expedited interview round processing if they meet the following criteria:

- Adherence to PTCAS application process

- Must have completed 90 or more credit hours with degree awarded at the Mount

- Mount course work completed within 2 years of application deadline

- Conferment of a bachelor’s degree prior to program start

- GRE scores (within 5 years of application deadline) required if Science GPA < 3.25

- Overall GPA greater than or equal to 3.0/ 4.0

- No prerequisite with a grade less than C (includes C-, C, C+)

- Science Prerequisite GPA greater than or equal to 3.0

- At least 2/3rds of prerequisite science course work completed prior to application deadline

- All prerequisite coursework must be completed prior to matriculation date

- Participate in the Interview process

Up to 12 Mount students may be accepted through this admission process. In the event that there are more than 12 qualified Mount applicants, applicants will be ranked with the top 12 offered expedited program acceptance. Individuals not awarded expedited admission will be placed in the general admission pool and their applications ranked accordingly.
Social networking
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Twitter Page for Parent University/College/School


What makes our DPT Program unique?

* Health Science classrooms and laboratories are spacious and well equipped.

* Physical Therapy students receive training on high fidelity simulation with SimMan3G and have access to other simulation experiences.

* Students enjoy a small student to faculty ratio.

* The Physical Therapy Faculty are readily accessible to their students and are committed to their success.

* Physical therapy students and faculty are active members of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Ohio Physical Therapy Association.

* Employers and clinical instructors state the University’s physical therapy students and graduates demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and preparedness.

* The Physical Therapy Program values its extensive ties with the regional healthcare community including Mother Margaret Hall, Bayley, and Children’s Hospital, among others.

* The Physical Therapy Program provides students with diverse clinical experiences and various opportunities to interact with the community.


* "My experience at the Mount as a PT student was rewarding because of the dedicated talented faculty and the diverse clinical education opportunities I was afforded. I now manage a busy outpatient orthopedic practice and would not be able to do so if it was not for the strong foundation I received from the orthopedic experts on the Mount's faculty. The high expectations of professionalism and preparedness that were instilled in me by the Mount PT program are things I still carry with me today."

* "The Physical Therapy Program at the Mount has provided me opportunities to learn not only through academics but also through leadership roles in SPTA and hands-on experience with "real" patients. With this dynamic education I have received, I feel prepared to accept any challenge I am presented with in the future."

* "I like the small classes, the help offered by the registration staff and the professors who are passionate about their subject. I like the campus too—even strangers greet you as you pass them in the hall."

* "We will be able to apply what we learn in a real-life patient setting, while gaining valuable hands-on experience treating patients. I believe the Mount makes it a priority to teach professionalism through experience."

* "Upon graduation, I gained a greater appreciation for my education when I entered the workforce. As an entry level therapist my critical thinking and reasoning skills were beyond my experience level, and were grounded in a sound knowledge base."

Last Updated: 07/14/2014