Program Profile

Hampton University


Stephen Owens
Chair of DPT Admissions Committee
Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
Department of Physical Therapy
Hampton University
Hampton, VA  23668


PTCAS application deadline01/15/2018
Deadline typeFirm
Program has rolling admissions process? No


Program participates in PTCAS Early Decision?No


If a document upload is required, submit through the "Program Materials" section of the application. Document uploads must be submitted by the program's application deadline.

Supplemental FEE required?Yes
Supplemental fee amount$35.00
Supplemental APPLICATION required?Yes
Supplemental MATERIALS required?Yes
Supplemental requirement 1Hampton University Graduate College Application.
Supplemental requirement 235 Dollar Fee
Deadline for supplemental materials 
Link to supplemental forms or instructions


Custom (program-specific) questions on the PTCAS application
To view the school-specific (custom) questions, select the program on the "Program Selection" screen of the application, go to the "Program Materials" section, and select "Questions". Not all programs have school-specific questions.


After you select the program and enter your coursework on the application, you may be required to match your courses to the program's course prerequisites in the "Prerequisites" tab of the "Program Materials" section.
Bachelor's degree required prior to matriculation into PT program?Yes
Anatomy and/or Physiology (A&P) course prerequisites MUST be completed in biology, neuroscience, anatomy, or integrated physiology departmentYes
Link to program's prerequisite instructions
Course subjectCourse level4-YearLab HoursAcceptable coursesCourse description
AnatomyGeneral or CollegeNoReq.SH: 4A&P: Human
A&P: SEPARATE courses
A&P: Vertebrate
Program strongly encourages applicants to take the Anatomy prerequisite course at a 4-year institution.

Anatomy and physiology can be taken as a combined course only if the two part sequence is completed (4 credits and lab for each). The other option is separate courses (4 credits plus lab for Human Anatomy and 3 credits no lab for Human Physiology).  
Biology IGeneral or CollegeNoReq.SH: 4Biology: Cell
Biology: Embryology
Biology: General
Biology: Genetics
Biology: Histology
Biology: Immunology
Biology: Microbiology
Biology: Molecular
Biology: Zoology
Chemistry IGeneral or CollegeNoReq.SH: 4Chemistry: Biochemistry
Chemistry: Inorganic
Chemistry: Organic
Chemistry IIGeneral or CollegeNoReq.SH: 4Chemistry: Biochemistry
Chemistry: Inorganic
Chemistry: Organic
Physics IGeneral or CollegeNoReq.SH: 4Physics I
Physics IIGeneral or CollegeNoReq.SH: 4Physics II
PhysiologyGeneral or CollegeNoNot Req.SH: 3A&P: SEPARATE courses
Program strongly encourages applicants to take the Anatomy prerequisite course at a 4-year institution.  
PsychologyGeneral or CollegeNoNot Req.SH: 3Psychology: Abnormal
Psychology: Adolescent
Psychology: Child
Psychology: Death & Dying
Psychology: Developmental
Psychology: General
Psychology: Growth & Development
Psychology: Human Behavior
Psychology: Life Span Development
Psychology: Rehabilitation
Psychology: Social
Psychology: Sports
StatisticsGeneral or CollegeNoNot Req.SH: 3Mathematics: Statistics


Is GRE required?Yes
Program's PTCAS GRE code7559
University GRE Code5292
GRE ScoresMINIMUM GRE score consideredAVERAGE GRE score for accepted students
Verbal reasoning scaled score150    
Verbal reasoning % score44%    
Analytical writing scaled score4.0    


Number of references required by program2
Evaluator typeApplicant must send one reference from this SPECIFIC type of evaluatorApplicant must send reference from ONE OR MORE evaluators in category to fulfill program's requirementsEvaluator type ACCEPTEDEvaluator type NOT accepted
Physical Therapist-1X   
Physical Therapist-2   X 
Professor in Major   X 
Professor   X 
Academic   X 
Supervisor/Employer   X
Teaching Assistant   X
Pre-PT Advisor   X
Politician   X
Health Care Professional   X
Friend   X
Family Member   X
Co-worker   X
Clergy   X
Other   X


Program's PT hours requirementPT hours are required - a licensed PT must verify hours w/ signed form uploaded or online via PTCAS
Total number of PT hours REQUIRED40
PAID experienceAccepted/Considered
VOLUNTEER experienceAccepted/Considered
INPATIENT experienceAccepted/Considered
OUTPATIENT experienceAccepted/Considered


GPAMinimum GPAAverage GPA for accepted students
Overall Undergraduate Cumulative 3.00 3.30 
Program-specific Prerequisite 3.00 3.20 


Citizenship types eligible for admissionU.S. citizens
U.S. permanent residents
Canadian citizens
Foreign (non-U.S.) citizens with a visa
Non-native speakers must submit official TOEFL scores?Yes
Program policy for non-U.S. (foreign/international) courseworkSend WES foreign transcript evaluation to PTCAS
Program policy for CANADIAN courseworkSend original Canadian transcript to PTCAS


Is a Deposit Required for Accepted Applicants?No
Program conducts interviews as part of the admissions process?No
PT program start date for entering class9/6/2018
Size of most recent entering class25
Anticipated size of next entering class30
Percent of IN-STATE applicants accepted28%
Percent of OUT-OF-STATE (non-resident) applicants accepted72%
Social networking
Facebook Page for PT Program


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Department of Physical Therapy is to provide a quality physical therapy education in a multicultural environment with particular emphasis on the needs of the disadvantaged and underserved. The Department of Physical Therapy will prepare graduates who will practice autonomously with competence, integrity, and compassion in a variety of settings. The graduates will contribute to the profession and to the community through scholarship, service and leadership.

Program Goals


* The student will demonstrate the skills necessary to practice autonomously with competence, integrity, and compassion in a variety of settings across the life span.

* The student will develop critical inquiry skills related to research.

* The student will communicate effectively and appropriately with diverse populations including colleagues, patients and the public.

* The student will be an advocate for service to the profession, patients, and the community.


* The faculty will engage in teaching, scholarly activities, the promotion of evidence-based practice, and the pursuit of continuous professional development.

* The faculty will participate in activities related to service to the university, the profession and the community.


* The program, through its diverse faculty and students, will show a commitment to the profession of physical therapy through service, leadership and advocacy.

* The program will promote the health of minority and under-served populations through engagement in prevention and wellness activities in teaching, research and service.

* The program will produce graduates who are representative of and who will serve a multicultural society.
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