• Supplemental Requirements

    In addition to the PTCAS application, programs might require you to send a supplemental application, fee, and other materials directly to that institution. Supplemental applications and materials are requested by the program, graduate admissions office, and/or the university. Examples of supplemental materials include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Graduate school application
    • Supplemental fee
    • Official GRE scores
    • Results of a physical examination
    • Immunization records
    • Final transcripts

    Supplemental Deadlines

    The deadline for supplemental applications and materials may or may not be the same as the program’s PTCAS deadline. Review the PTCAS Directory or contact the program directly to obtain supplemental instructions or materials.

    Supplemental 10

    Program Materials

    Programs will have custom requirements as part of the Program Materials section of the application. 

    Program-Specific Questions

    Some programs require applicants to respond to custom questions in addition to the standard PTCAS application questions. The PTCAS application will automatically prompt you to respond to any program-specific questions when you designate programs that require them. You will not be able to submit your application until you have responded to all required program-specific questions for all of your selected programs. Any program-specific essay will be seen only by the program that requested it. If you have questions about a program-specific question, contact the program directly. You cannot edit your responses to these program-specific questions once you have submitted your application. 


    The Prerequisites tab will allow you to match your coursework to the course prerequisites for each selected program. The Prerequisites tab may or may not be available, depending on the settings for each program. If available, the program’s list of prerequisite courses will be displayed on the screen. You must complete the Transcript Entry section and the “Review & Finalize My Transcript” process before you can select courses for prerequisites.

    Assign Course

    Select the completed and planned course or courses you believe will fulfill these program-specific requirements. There is no guarantee that the courses you selected will fulfill the program’s course prerequisites. PTCAS will not verify that you have properly matched your courses or that you have fulfilled the program’s course prerequisite. If you have questions about course prerequisites, contact the program directly.


    The Documents tab will display any program-specific requirements for uploaded materials. This tab may or may not be available, depending on the selections of each PTCAS program. If a program has opted to receive uploaded documents, these documents will be either recommended or required.

    Types of documents that may be requested include the following:    

    • Catalog course descriptions
    • Cover letter
    • Writing sample
    • Other
    The particular documents requested will be specified in the “Instructions” section of this tab. If a program requires you to complete and upload an institution-specific form, you must download the form from the institutional website. Review the program’s requirements for the link. Contact the program directly with questions.


  • Last Updated: 6/7/2017
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