• Enter all of your paid or volunteer physical therapist observation hours on the application. If you have observed a PT in more than 1 setting, select "Add New Entry" for each additional experience. If you are a physical therapist assistant (PTA), enter your paid experience in this section. It is up to the individual program whether or not it accepts paid experience. Your selected programs can view your experiences, regardless of whether the hours were verified by a physical therapist.

    Program Requirements

    Not all programs require PT observation hours or a signed form as part of the admissions process. Review the Directory for program-specific requirements. PTCAS will not determine if you met the requirements for your selected programs.

    PT Observation Hours Submission Type

    Choose 1 option below.

    Option #1: PTCAS Observation Portal

    PTCAS will email the PT with instructions on how to verify your hours via the PTCAS Portal. Select "Send my PT observation hours to my PT supervisor for verification" and enter the email address for the PT. Alert the PT to watch for an automated email from PTCAS.
    PTCAS emails are sometimes caught in spam or junk email folders. Advise the PT to change their email security settings to permit messages from ptcasinfo@ptcas.org.

    Option #2: Upload Signed Form

    You will upload an image of a paper hours form signed by the PT. Select "Upload a signed form verifying my PT observation hours." Select the "Add Document" button to upload the form. Accepted formats for uploads are .pdf, .doc (Microsoft Word), .rtf (Rich Text Format) or .txt (ASCII Text File) files only. Uploaded letters must be less than 5MB in size.

    Option #3: No Signed Form

    Select "I will not have my PT observation hours verified" if none of your selected programs require PT hour verification or if you will not request verification for this particular experience.


    Enter the mailing address for the clinic or facility.

    Experience Dates

    Enter the start date and end date, or anticipated end date, for this observation experience.

    Experience Details

    If you worked as a PTA, physical therapy aide, athletic trainer, or other type of employee at this facility, select "Paid." If you were a paid employee at the facility and also accumulated unpaid PT observation experiences, select "Both." All others should select "Volunteer."

    Setting and Hours of Experience

    Check and enter hours for all settings that apply to your experience in this facility. An inpatient facility generally admits patients overnight. An outpatient facility has no overnight patients. Enter the number of hours completed and the number of hours planned or in-progress for each setting.

    Acute Care Hospital Physical therapy is provided to patients who are admitted for short-term care for reasons such as illness, surgery, accident, or recovery from a trauma. The goal in this setting is to discharge patients as soon as they are medically stable and have a safe place to go.
    Rehabilitation/Subacute Rehabilitation Facility This category includes both types of settings below:

    Rehabilitation Hospital:Physical therapy is provided to patients who are admitted to a facility or rehabilitation unit, with the goal of providing intense therapy to improve patients’ ability to care for themselves (typically 3 hours or more per day).

    Subacute Rehabilitation
    :Physical therapy is provided to patients who are admitted to a special hospital that provides medical and rehabilitation care. The rehabilitation is less intense than that in a rehabilitation hospital (typically less than 3 hours per day).
    Extended Care Facility/Nursing Home/Skilled Nursing Facility Physical therapy is provided to individuals who are admitted to a facility that typically cares for elderly patients, and provides long-term nursing care, rehabilitation, and other services.
    Free-standing Physical Therapy or Hospital Outpatient Clinic (Also known as private practice). In this common setting, physical therapy is provided to individuals who visit a clinic, office, or other health care facility primarily to address musculoskeletal (orthopedic) and neuromuscular injuries or impairments.
    School/Preschool Physical therapy services are provided within an educational environment, including preschool, elementary, or secondary education (high school and vocational) facilities.
    Wellness/Prevention/Fitness Physical therapy is provided to individuals with a focus on wellness. This approach to health care emphasizes preventing illness and injury, and promoting healthy lifestyle, as opposed to emphasizing treatment of disease, injury, or other conditions.
    Industrial/Occupational Health Physical therapy services are provided to individuals primarily to help them return to work or for the purpose of enhancing employee health, improving safety, and increasing productivity in the workplace.
    Home Health Physical therapy services are provided in a home setting rather than in a medical facility.

    Patient Diagnoses/Patient Observed

    Check off all that apply to your experience at the facility. Do not check boxes for populations that the facility serves but that you did not observe.

    Name of Physical Therapist

    Enter the name of the licensed physical therapist who supervised you during the experience and can verify your PT hours.

    PT License Number and State of License

    If you do not know this information about the physical therapist who supervised you, leave the items blank.

    PT Email Address

    If an office administrator at the facility will verify your hours in lieu of the physical therapist, enter the name and email address for the office administrator.

    Updating Observation Hours After Submission

    You may add new experiences at any time during the application cycle. If you have completed additional hours at a facility where you have already listed the experience, please create a new entry and list only the new hours completed.

    After you e-submit your PTCAS application, you can do the following:

    • Add new PT observations to the application
    • Request a PT to verify a new observation

    After you e-submit your PTCAS application you cannot make edits to the following:

    • PT observations that have an uploaded verification form
    • PT observations that were listed as "I will not have my experience verified"

    Verification Request Denied or Rejected

    To correct a request for verification of PT observation has been denied or rejected, do the following:

    • Login to your PTCAS application.
    • Delete the initial request.
    • Relist the information appropriately.
    • PTCAS will email the PT again with instructions on how to verify your revised hours or make further recommendations for edits.
  • Last Updated: 6/7/2017
    Contact: ptcasinfo@ptcas.org