• Once you select your programs, you will automatically be routed to the main PTCAS application screen, referred to as the dashboard. The dashboard provides a high-level overview of your progress in each of the 4 mains sections: Personal Information, Academic History, Supporting Information, and Program Materials. You can return to the dashboard at any time by clicking on "My Application" at the top left of the screen. 

    New Account and Dashboard 5

    PTCAS ID Number

    Your name and unique PTCAS identification number appear in the top right corner of the dashboard. Please use this ID when sending materials to PTCAS or contacting us via email or phone.

    How to Begin

    Begin your application by completing the items in the PTCAS Checklist first.


    You can view important messages from PTCAS from the application dashboard. Go to "Latest Notification," or click "View My Notifications" to view all messages. You are responsible for checking your email and online notifications frequently throughout the admissions process. Note that PTCAS emails sent to you may be erroneously marked as spam and blocked from view, so check your spam folders as well.

    Online instructions and FAQ

    Once you login to the application, click on your name at the top right corner at any time to access the Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). These resources provide detailed information for each section of the application. You can also access the "My Profile" section from this dropdown list to view your account and password information.

    See also instructions for the following dashboard tabs:  

    • Add Program
    • Submit Application
    • Check Status
  • Last Updated: 5/14/2017
    Contact: academicservices@apta.org