• Enter all international (non-United States/foreign) institutions you have attended on your PTCAS application.

    Canadian Institution

    Review the program-specific admission requirements to determine if original transcripts or foreign transcript evaluations for Canadian coursework should be submitted directly to the program or PTCAS.

    • PTCAS will accept original Canadian transcripts (if in English).
    • Send a foreign transcript evaluation for Canadian transcripts not in English.
    • PTCAS will not hold your file in processing for missing Canadian transcripts.
    • Enter all of your Canadian courses on your PTCAS application.
    • PTCAS will not verify your Canadian courses or include them in any of your PTCAS GPAs.
    • PT programs can view your unverified Canadian courses and transcripts.

    Study Abroad

    • Send United States transcript with study abroad credits to PTCAS.
    • Enter all study-abroad courses that appear on a United States transcript with separate grades and credits under the United States institution.
    • If the United States transcript does not display the grades or credits for study-abroad courses, follow the policies below for international (foreign) transcripts and coursework.

    Overseas United States Institution

    PTCAS recognizes "overseas United States institutions" that:

    • are located outside the United States borders,
    • are regionally accredited, and
    • use English as the primary language of instruction and documentation.

    If you attended an overseas United States institution, send an official transcript to PTCAS and enter all courses on your PTCAS application. United States institutions with campuses overseas (eg, the University of Maryland at Munich) are also considered United States colleges for which transcripts are required, and all coursework must be listed.

    International (Foreign) Institution

    Do NOT enter any foreign courses completed outside the United States or Canada (unless it is a study abroad through a United States institution). Visit the PTCAS Directory to determine the foreign transcript requirements for each PT program, as described below:

    • Send a foreign transcript evaluation report to PTCAS. If required by a PT program, send foreign transcripts to the agency below for course-by-course report.  If received, PTCAS will release the report to your selected PT programs.
    • Send original foreign transcript directly to program. Do not send to PTCAS.

    Foreign Transcript Evaluation Service

    PTCAS will only accept foreign transcript evaluations from the World Education Services (WES) and will no longer accept evaluations from other agencies. Arrange for WES to send a course-by-course report to PTCAS. Applicants are advised to allow 4–6 weeks for WES to process and send the evaluation to PTCAS, once a report is requested.

    World Education Services, Inc
    PO Box 5087
    New York, NY 10274-5087

  • Last Updated: 4/19/2017
    Contact: ptcasinfo@ptcas.org