• Enter all international (non-United States/foreign) institutions you have attended on your PTCAS application.

    French Canadian Institution

    If you attended a Canadian institution that does not issue transcripts in English, then do not send the transcript to PTCAS. Instead, follow the foreign transcript instructions on the PTCAS Directory for each program. Most programs will require a foreign transcript evaluation. PTCAS will not hold an application for this documentation, if it is missing.

    Study Abroad 

    If you participated in a study-abroad program under the auspices of a United States institution, and the course work appears on the United States transcript as regular itemized credit, follow the steps below.

    • Send the United States transcript with study-abroad credits to PTCAS. 
    • Enter all study-abroad courses that appear on a United States transcript with separate grades and credits in the Transcript Entry section. 
    • Do not list the international (foreign) institution in the Colleges Attended section.
    • If the United States transcript does not display the grades or credits for study-abroad courses, follow the policies for international transcripts and coursework. 

    Overseas United States Institution

    PTCAS recognizes overseas United States institutions that are accredited through an agency approved by the United States Department of Education and uses English as the primary language of instruction and documentation. Submit transcripts and coursework for overseas United States institutions and United States institutions with a campus overseas (eg, the University of Maryland at Munich). 

    International (Foreign) Institution

    Enter all international (non-United States/foreign) institutions you have attended on your PTCAS application. If required by the program, order a foreign transcript evaluation from World Education Services (WES) through the PTCAS application. Select the WES “course by course” option with grades. Contact WES directly regarding questions about the foreign evaluation at 212/966-6311 or info@wes.org

  • Last Updated: 9/18/2017
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