• Once you submit your PTCAS application, you will be given a set of payment options. Your application will not be processed until your payment and all United States transcripts are received.

    PTCAS Fees for 2016-2017

     # of PTCAS Designations

    2016-2017 PTCAS Application Fees 






















    Add $45 for each additional PT program

    Credit Cards

    You are encouraged to pay the PTCAS application fee online by credit card to expedite the processing of your application. PTCAS accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

    Money Orders

    If mailing a money order, download the PTCAS payment form (PDF) from the application. Attach the completed form to your money order payable to PTCAS. Write your PTCAS ID number on the memo line. The payment must be drawn from a United States bank in United States dollars. Once you have selected money order as your payment type, you cannot switch to a credit card payment. Send to PTCAS - Payment, PO Box 9112, Watertown, MA 02471-4403. 

    No Cash

    PTCAS will not accept cash payments.

    Fee Waivers

    Fee waivers are available to financially disadvantaged applicants. Your fee waiver request must be received and processed before you e-submit your PTCAS application.


    PTCAS application fees are nonrefundable.  PTCAS does not issue refunds for withdrawn applications or missed deadlines.


    Reapplicants with outstanding fee balances will be placed on hold until payment for the previous and current cycles are received in full.

    Disputes/Charge Backs

    PTCAS will assess a service charge of $25 for credit card chargebacks. You will be instructed to pay the application fee and service charge within 10 business days. If you do not comply, PTCAS will stop the processing of your application and notify your designated PT programs.

    Supplemental Application Fees

    Do not send to PTCAS. In addition to the PTCAS application fee, PT programs may require you to send a supplemental fee directly to the institution.

  • Last Updated: 4/13/2017
    Contact: ptcasinfo@ptcas.org