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    PTCAS Customer Service

    • Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EASTERN Time  
    • Login to your application to check the real-time status of your file and materials.
    • Use PTCAS Mobile to check your status on your smart phone or tablet.
    • Review the instructions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sections.
    • Check your email daily for important messages.
    • Include your PTCAS ID Number and name in all communication.
    • Allow up to 3 business days for PTCAS to respond to your inquiry.
    • If a disability prevents you from accessing the web application, please contact PTCAS customer service.

    PTCAS will only discuss an application with the applicant and the applicant’s designated physical therapist programs. Staff will not discuss an application with a parent, spouse, relative, friend, or employer.

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  • Last Updated: 6/8/2014
    Contact: academicservices@apta.org